One Coast Magazine September - October 2017


I don’t know why, I’m really feeling alive and feeling great today. Maybe it’s because I had 10 hrs of peaceful sleep now our magazine has been completed? This last week has been hectic to say the least, some days just didn’t have enough hours, but even though chaotic, every single day was exhilarating.

Someone once said that every day is a gift, and that is why it is called The Present. We can use The Present any way we want. The choice is entirely ours. We can choose to bury it under the past. Or we can choose to open it to find out what it holds for us. We can choose to ignore it. Or we can choose to place it on the mantelpiece of our lives. We can choose to smother it with our negative emotions, fears and prejudices. Or we can choose to use it as a stepping stone to reach higher gaols.

One Coast Magazine is that huge part of my life and although at times can feel overwhelming it’s something that brings me much happiness and contentment. Our team work as one and strive to bring you the brightest newest articles, which we all hope you enjoy. This edition is bumper packed with excitement and we join Tatiana Ten with her Art Therapy, we go backstage with Cara Ditta-in host from the Entertainment Channel and star in The Apartment Season 5 and we look at the Royal Enfield Himalaya’s, built like a gun motorcycle for the mountains. We’ve even an incredible camper that wouldn’t go amiss in the zombie apocalypse. For those already interested in the front cover we showcase Ermanno Scervino’s new collection, and for those seeking to improve their lives, business and soul we meet Rodney King at Tree Roots Retreat and go through his EmbodiedMBA mindfulness in action course. I think we have a little something for everyone and with that I’d like to wish you all a great day, enjoy your reading and take time for yourselves to do what makes your soul happy.


BiBi Van Der Velden’s Jewelry

Designing unique pieces of jewelry with mesmeric allure which women of grand taste often look for is no easy feat to achieve at all. It requires an absolute degree of finesse as with any other creative work. Then, there is no one quite like the New York-born Amsterdam-based fine jewelry designer and sculptor Bibi van der Velden who has carved out a niche of her own when it comes to giving shape to absolutely fanciful pieces of jewelry. Continue reading

Kittima Kwangnok

Italian artisanship in fashion is something to marvel at, thus revered the world over. Obviously because it’s quite meticulous in its core if you ask yourself! To date, no other country has come close enough to making it their area of expertise in a full-fledged form. This historic charm is what ultimately drove the Thai-born Milan-based fashion designer Kittima Kwangnok to take a shot at fashion. Kwangnok’s tempting designs have put her in the league of tomorrow’s rising stars who want to redefine fashion with their own aesthetics. Continue reading


One Coast Magazine were fortunate enough to spend a few days with Mr Rodney King at the tranquil and beautiful Tree Roots Retreat in Rayong recently and thoroughly discuss his EmbodiedMBA program that is conducted in collaboration with Tree Roots Retreat where they offer a 5-day EmbodiedMBA intensive package. Continue reading

Minimalist Meets Eclectic

Situated close to the beach in the relatively quiet province of Rayong, in South East Thailand, sits a property reflecting an amalgamation of design, furniture and purpose. Elsie Evans Art Retreat is the brainchild of a Scottish expat whose paintings, drawings and illustrations have delighted and enthralled Bangkok art lovers for more than 20 years. Continue reading