One Coast Magazine May - June 2017

Positive Thoughts on a Positive Day
There’s much turmoil in the world today, much disappointment and anger. We are all faced daily by stress and difficult situations. But if we apply a little mindfulness and thought to our actions and reactions this then can in turn give us a positive response from a negative situation. Let me explain, for example you are by no fault of your own in a situation where somebody is angry at you. Probably just something small and insignificant but you’ve just had a lot of negative feelings and emotions thrown your way. Arguing only perpetuates conflict. Picking up that bag of burden now is the wrong thing to do. I don’t mean to be emotionless or cold, but now you have the choice of allowing this act to darken your day or to accept what has happened and move on with your beautiful day still shining. So why stress out on things out of your control or something that you cannot change. There’s a wonderful world out there full of different cultures and love. It was my dream with One Coast to showcase many of these good things in life and to basically share the love we have. Myself and our team strive to pick out the Crème de la Crème for you and in this issue, you’ll not be disappointed. Yet again we have some amazing photographs from Bogdan Theodorov with his Sanctuarium collection. Then we were lucky enough to get an interview with Ha Anh Vu, one of the most talked about supermodels and personalities in Vietnam, not only a celebrity but a personality that represents the younger generation. She is an emblem of the generation that is young, intelligent, dynamic, and ambitious. If your life needs some excitement Jeff Chan gives us an inside look at how to throw yourself out of an airplane, Jeff is a certified Wing Suit instructor, one of the newest skydiving sports. If something more down to earth is your thing we have one of the newest Electric mountain bikes, technology is evolving so fast that now even this is possible. Want an island getaway that is still stunningly undisturbed, we show you Koh Kood, a secret emerald in the Gulf of Thailand. But if that’s too slow then jump in the new Dodge Demon, 840 horse power will certainly take your breath away. So, we have the ultimate in fashion, personalities, sports and locations to go. Dive into One Coast and just have a great positive day.


BVLGARI Celebrates

The Elton John Aids Foundation’s 25th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party.

February 26, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA) – BVLGARI, the iconic Italian jewelry house, celebrated the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s (EJAF) 25th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party on Sunday, February 26, 2017, at West Hollywood Park in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Telling Fear to Shut Up!

The fear of making a mistake, of messing up, almost always is surrounded by thoughts about yourself when it happens, or what will others think? I have always felt like there is two people inside of me, a bipolar struggle between the one voice that says, “Go for it,” whilst the other voice says, “be careful, it won’t work, you will mess up.” It does seem that this second voice has a lot more to say about how I should live my life. Continue reading

Beach Republic Koh Samui

I love to experience new places and meet new people and as a travel writer, I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to visit dozens of countries around the world. Of all the places I have been, Thailand has always had a special place in my heart, especially the island ok Koh Samui with it’s crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and friendly locals. When a recent assignment asked that I visit the Samui’s newest hot spot, I jumped on the first available flight. Continue reading