One Coast Magazine November - December 2017


Welcome to our One Coast Magazine Nov-Dec end of 2017 edition, it has certainly been an exciting and invigorating year and our last edition is no exception to this. First inspiring news is that our Editor Crispin has joined the Go Green Portal as an Ambassador and our magazine is now going to help support sustainable development, seas and coral reefs (Fit for Life), social and environmental protection and the sustainable impact Investment In sustainability projects. Together with Go Green Portal we are going to help secure a sustainable green future for our children and grandchildren. You can read the first interesting article in our Culture section about the sustainable seafood sea cucumber project. Then in our Coast Drive & Ride section we showcase the two fastest electric vehicles available in the world today. We meet up with Bastien Trelcat from the Harvey Law Group and have a peek behind the scenes of their Citizenship by investment programs. Our About Her article is an energising interview with Pearly Ingkakul, young, successful and very hard working Pearly is the Vice President of the Miracle Group, and yes that’s the group that has all the 5 star lounges at both Bangkok airports. So, we are proud to announce along with the interview that One Coast will now have an even bigger presence being available at these lounges. All that plus our amazing fashion features and a detailed look into an exhilarating day trip with the Hip Horizons Sports Cruiser.

It doesn’t get any better than that.


Citizenship by Investment Harvey Law Group

Consider a 2nd Passport or Permanent Residency, the gateway to Global Business Mobility
Harvey Law Group is Asia’s pioneer in investment immigration services for entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals.
The expression ‘Investment Immigration’ or ‘Global Business Mobility’ was created by Harvey Law Group Founder Mr. Jean-François Harvey. It refers to the absolute freedom to extract oneself from any painful or long administrative process when it comes to travel or to relocate overseas.
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CaroLe Tessier

Preciously Paris: A new breed of high-end clutches to suit your everyday rock ‘n’ roll style!
By Nagmani

The world of luxe sophistication tends to exist on a non-stop flow of creative ideas. After all, this is what makes life absolute fun, exciting and rewarding. And the one luxury accessories item where it’s most applied is a handbag item—something that a woman can’t live without, thus experiencing a magical turnaround in its design aesthetic.
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Bastien Trelcat

This issue of One Coast Magazine welcomes for the About Him section Bastien Trelcat,
Managing Partner of Harvey Law Group and the expert in 2nd citizenship and permanent residency.

Tell us about yourself
I was born and raised in France. I completed my law school with a Master of Laws attended at the City University of Hong Kong, at a time where China has just adhered to the WTO. I didn’t know this travel would forever change my life. Continue reading

Laksameekan Pearly Ingkakul

This One Coast issue we have an invigorating and very refreshing interview with Pearly Ingkakul for our About Her, Pearly is not only young, beautiful and successful but is Vice President of the Miracle Group in Bangkok which holds a large portfolio of airport hotels and lounges but also is Asia Director of One Young World. Enthusiastic and dynamic not only about her work and life Pearly takes a keen interest in global sustainability, One Coast Magazine met up with Pearly just after her regular pilates fitness session to find out more. Continue reading

Hip Horizons

Day Trip on the Hip Horizons Sports Cruiser Yacht
Some Memories will never fade

Our holidays on Koh Samui have always been something special, there’s something about this small tropical island that makes it part of your soul. It gets into your blood and I can remember often sitting at home and dreaming of our next trip which could never come around soon enough. Continue reading