One Coast Magazine September - October 2016

It certainly is an exciting time at One Coast Magazine and we hope our readers are enjoying the ride. Distribution has increased extensively and not only in Thailand, now more and more spots are opening up in AbuDhabi and Dubai and our readership levels are shooting sky high. In fact, we’ve had such positive feedback recently that we are now actively taking part in the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi on the 25th to 27th November. OK we’re not going to be on the starting line but our media staff will be there giving out magazines and following the event.

This edition just keeps getting better and better and joining us with one of his amazing collections is Bogdan Teodorov famous for his fashion collections and photoshoots out of Rumania. Just have a look at the Mad Secrets going Wild. Samujana on Koh Samui let us have a look at their amazing villas and let us into the mystery behind incorporating nature into their project. We have an About Him interview with Aaron Le Boutillier who explains a little about his interesting life and his Mindfulness Retreat in Rayong.

In fact, this edition I’m sure you will find hard to put down. Read on and enjoy.


Coco Brun’s Prints Taking The Fashion World By Storm

Today big fashion labels secretly rely on stunning illustrations to never let the dry spell fall upon their good fortune. They seek to collaborate with the best creative minds who really can add zing to their product line so it sells well in the international market and continues to appeal to the fashion savvy consumers. And the one individual turning heads with her sketches for quite some time now is the renowned French designer and illustrator Coco Brun. Continue reading

Samujana Incorporating Nature

When the conceptions of ultimate luxury and astonishing design met with environmental awareness and sustainability, Samujana was born. GFAB Architects blended their vision and inspirations, personalizing their commitment to nature and art in an extremely beautiful tropical setting. From the amazing, breathtaking views to natural stone walls, cantilevered white overhangs, pale limestone and sand-washed flooring merging with striking water features and natural vegetation and plants throughout and on top of the villas to enhance the natural offerings of the picturesque site, every detail at Samujana was lovingly crafted to bring guests the most exclusive and unique experience possible. Continue reading

De Ja Moon: A HIP Coffee Shop & Boutique Hotel In Chiangmai

Walking along Nimmanheamin road is a must for everyone visiting Chiangmai. There’re so many HIP coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels, you can walk along this road every day trying different coffee and foods. The variety of shops here will never bore you as each of them has its own unique tastes and styles. Today I visited De Ja Moon on Nimmanhemin Soi 17. This place stopped me in my tracks looking like a dark castle and it made me feel like I was under its spell. I couldn’t resist to push open the glass door that was colourfully painted with hand drawings telling the story of the place itself. Continue reading

Rose (Rossarin) Maitland-Smith Living A Positive Life

One Coast Magazine travels to Phuket in this edition to meet the ambassador for Champagne Pommery, official ambassador for the Thailand Yacht Show also the host for Life Style PgTV show “Rose’s Favorites”, an abstract artist with so much positive life energy and on top of that her proudest title being the mother of two wonderful girls. Welcome to One Coast Magazine Rose, it is a pleasure to meet you and find out a touch more of your interesting and positive lifestyle. We are sure our readers will be intrigued about your attitude and outlook on life. Continue reading