Magazine Articles - Publish Date (Bi-monthly): January 2016

Weight Loss

The festive holidays are over and it’s time to get back on track. We are
seeing a rise in the amount of people wanting to lose weight and be
healthy. In the past two weeks, our fitness classes have been swamped
with people wanting to get back in shape. A good start would be to
detoxify your body and start your lifestyle change. Continue reading

Quattr Design

Phukets leading importer of bespoke furniture and decor
for luxury homes, hospitality and commercial developments.
Quattro Design has opened a pilot store at Phuket Boat
Lagoon on the east coast of Phuket.

The new ‘pop-up’ store stocked with a tasteful collection of
luxury designs from around the world ranging from vintage
and classic art decor to contemporary minimalist designs is
an exquisite appetizer ahead of the opening of the stunning
new Quattro Design showroom opening soon for decor
lovers at the east coast marina. Continue reading

Mr. Thibault Salaun

One Coast meets Bristol Charter Phuket’s GM Mr. Thibault Salaun

You are French. where were you born and in which part of France did you grow up?
I was Born in Paris 34 years ago and grew up in Normandy.

When did you first come to Thailand and which area?
I arrived in Thailand 10 years ago in Bangkok and moved permanently to Phuket 8 years ago, where I had career opportunities. Continue reading