Magazine Articles - Publish Date (Bi-monthly): May 2016

How You Show Up Matters More Than What You Think!

We understand ourselves, especially in the west, as living beings mainly from the neck up and not as a body(mind) that thinks. Even our language
hints to this separation of mind, from body. Two common sentences we often hear in general discussion, show how language is used to create
separation between mind and body. For example, “athletes are prepared both physically and mentally,” and, “There’s nothing wrong with your body-it’s
all in your mind”. Both these sentences suggest that mind and body are separate, and should be treated as such. Continue reading

Breathtaking Sites For Camping

Thailand is blessed with numerous amazing sites for camping adventures. It’s always in
the limelight for its incredible natural beauty that attracts thousands of visitors every
year from all over the world. To put it the right way, the glory of nature is on full display
everywhere you look to catch a glimpse of nature’s treasures. So if you are seeking to
comfort yourself in a relaxing environment away from the hustle and bustle of cities,
why not pick any of these four camping destinations that are well-suited for you! Continue reading

The New Audi Q7 Bound To Drive You Crazy…

SUVs have always been popular with car enthusiasts in the
Middle East. They are sheer force of masculinity designed to
give maximum thrill on the road. To ensure that people in the
region could really enjoy what it’s like to drive a sophisticated SUV,
Audi has introduced its most advanced version of Q7 in this segment.
It’s simply a statement of the high-tech competence of Audi and is
something which will appeal to the car lovers. Continue reading

Roland Bleszynski

One Coast meets MontAzure Kamala, Phuket’s MD Roland Bleszynski to find out about his interesting life.
Mr. Roland Bleszynski has been working and living in Thailand for over 15 years, and has since called Phuket island “his home”. He was born into
an early mixed-race marriage between a Chinese New Zealand mother, and a British Polish father, who immigrated to Canada in the 1960’s after
meeting in Hong Kong. A keen interest in art, engineering, architecture and real estate development led Roland to complete his university studies
with a Doctorate in Engineering before leaving Toronto to put his passion into practice. Continue reading

(Re)born To Fly Words By Stuart Langrish

Spend any amount of time in the UAE and you will
begin to notice the Emirati’s close connection with
a particular bird of prey that is featured everywhere,
from bank notes to government signs. Representing
their passion and love for the Arab Bedouins, the falcon is the
national emblem of the country and considered an integral part
of traditional Gulf culture.
Continue reading