Magazine Articles - Publish Date (Bi-monthly): May 2017

BVLGARI Celebrates

The Elton John Aids Foundation’s 25th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party.

February 26, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA) – BVLGARI, the iconic Italian jewelry house, celebrated the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s (EJAF) 25th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party on Sunday, February 26, 2017, at West Hollywood Park in Los Angeles.
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Telling Fear to Shut Up!

The fear of making a mistake, of messing up, almost always is surrounded
by thoughts about yourself when it happens, or what will others think? I
have always felt like there is two people inside of me, a bipolar struggle
between the one voice that says, “Go for it,” whilst the other voice says,
“be careful, it won’t work, you will mess up.” It does seem that this second
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Beach Republic Koh Samui

I love to experience new places and meet new people and as a travel writer, I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to visit dozens of countries around the world. Of all the places I have been, Thailand has always had a special place in my heart, especially the island ok Koh Samui with it’s crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and friendly locals. When a recent assignment asked that I visit the Samui’s newest hot spot, I jumped on the first available flight.
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