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One Coast Magazine were fortunate enough to spend a few days with Mr Rodney King at the tranquil and beautiful Tree Roots Retreat in Rayong recently and thoroughly discuss his EmbodiedMBA program that is conducted in collaboration with Tree Roots Retreat where they offer a 5-day EmbodiedMBA intensive package. Continue reading

Telling Fear to Shut Up!

The fear of making a mistake, of messing up, almost always is surrounded
by thoughts about yourself when it happens, or what will others think? I
have always felt like there is two people inside of me, a bipolar struggle
between the one voice that says, “Go for it,” whilst the other voice says,
“be careful, it won’t work, you will mess up.” It does seem that this second
voice has a lot more to say about how I should live my life. Continue reading

A Tale Of Extraordinary Collaboration BETWEEN TWO GIANTS…

Hublot affixes the patina of platinum onto the legendary Berluti leather. Combining a rare metal with exceptional leather, Hublot
succeeds in offering a platinum setting for its CLASSIC FUSION BERLUTI SCRITTO model. More pure, more dense and more
precious than gold, platinum was considered by Louis XIV as the only metal fit for a king. This bespoke piece fuses or brings to life
the famous shoemaker Berluti’s heritage with the Hublot Manufacture’s mastery of metals and materials. Continue reading