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A Morning With The Elephants At Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

A haven for Thailand’s gentle giants, the newly opened Phuket Elephant Sanctuary offers a
retirement home for sick, injured, tired, and old elephants who have previously worked
hard for tourism entertainment or in the logging industry. At the Sanctuary, rescued
elephants are encouraged to relearn their natural behaviours and instincts, socialise with other
elephants to form bonds and connections, and live out their lives surrounded by love and care. Continue reading

Spark Circus

Spark Circus is returning to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan in January 2017 for
a spectacular tour of the resorts and schools with their immersive dance,
fire and aerial acrobatics show! These incredible shows are designed to
astonish and dazzle audiences while shining a light on the difficulties faced
by refugees in Burma and Thailand. Continue reading

Hands Across The Water

“What happens when
the kids turn 18?”
“For those that want to go to university we fund that stage
of their life and for those who are looking for a trade or
employment we support them as well”. It’s a common question that is asked of us and fair enough.
The view of charity and the expectations of how they
operate is changing and donors, supporters or even passive
observers have a view around how charities should be run
and how their dollars should be utilised. Continue reading

(Re)born To Fly Words By Stuart Langrish

Spend any amount of time in the UAE and you will
begin to notice the Emirati’s close connection with
a particular bird of prey that is featured everywhere,
from bank notes to government signs. Representing
their passion and love for the Arab Bedouins, the falcon is the
national emblem of the country and considered an integral part
of traditional Gulf culture.
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