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Saiid Kobeisy

The Lebanese couture designer weaving magic into his collections By Nagmani

The mesmerizing world of haute couture is perfectly exemplified as a palatial art form of designing one-of-a-kind dresses with as many intricate techniques as possible to make it look absolutely refined. Continue reading

CaroLe Tessier

Preciously Paris: A new breed of high-end clutches to suit your everyday rock ‘n’ roll style!
By Nagmani

The world of luxe sophistication tends to exist on a non-stop flow of creative ideas. After all, this is what makes life absolute fun, exciting and rewarding. And the one luxury accessories item where it’s most applied is a handbag item—something that a woman can’t live without, thus experiencing a magical turnaround in its design aesthetic.
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BiBi Van Der Velden’s Jewelry

Designing unique pieces of jewelry with mesmeric allure which women of grand taste often look for is no easy feat to achieve at all. It requires an absolute degree of finesse as with any other creative work. Then, there is no one quite like the New York-born Amsterdam-based fine jewelry designer and sculptor Bibi van der Velden who has carved out a niche of her own when it comes to giving shape to absolutely fanciful pieces of jewelry. Continue reading

Kittima Kwangnok

Italian artisanship in fashion is something to marvel at, thus revered the world over. Obviously because it’s quite meticulous in its core if you ask yourself! To date, no other country has come close enough to making it their area of expertise in a full-fledged form. This historic charm is what ultimately drove the Thai-born Milan-based fashion designer Kittima Kwangnok to take a shot at fashion. Kwangnok’s tempting designs have put her in the league of tomorrow’s rising stars who want to redefine fashion with their own aesthetics. Continue reading

Bags That Capture Three Dimensions Of Who We Are


The collection depicts “the me” element where one is for the World the way it needs to be and one is only for “the I” the way it truly feels Native. Trying to bring this expression into the bags’ designs, the UAE’s luxury handbag brand Native’s new collection “Duality” portrays a façade for the world and an inner world that mostly we keep to ourselves. The theme of the collection was manifested through 3 different titles inspired by the variations of the human psyche: Extrovert, Introvert and Multiple personality. Continue reading

Primitive Jewellery Back in Fashion

When it comes to jewellery, a women’s penchant is to always find beautiful and peculiar pieces that reveal their feminine beauty. There is no doubt that it’s something that requires a great deal of intuitive focus on behalf of a jewellery designer. One such new talent is Koh Samui-based jewellery designer Tal Bakal, who has been designing different and unique creations women and men will fall in love with at first sight. Continue reading

BVLGARI Celebrates

The Elton John Aids Foundation’s 25th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party.

February 26, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA) – BVLGARI, the iconic Italian jewelry house, celebrated the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s (EJAF) 25th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party on Sunday, February 26, 2017, at West Hollywood Park in Los Angeles.
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