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Mo Seetubtim

Without even missing a step we carry on with our Sexy, Successful and Inspirational ladies in this issue with Mo Seetubtim, Writer, Founder & CEO of The Happiness Planner. An inspirational stationery brand designed to help people become happier by mastering the art of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and personal development. Continue reading

Marco Boscaini

It is with great pleasure that this issue of About Him welcomes Marco Boscaini, Executive Chef of Prego Restaurant and Amaya Food Gallery. I’m quite sure it’s around 15 years we have been enjoying not only Chef Marco’s excellent cuisine but also his warm friendship and hospitality. Continue reading

Dan Remon

Our One Coast About Him interview this edition features entrepreneur and International fitness professional Dan Remon. In1998 Dan bought a one-way ticket and left his home in Sydney to travel the world. Now 20 years later, although settled with a successful fitness business in Bangkok that drive and passion is still undaunted. Continue reading

Wimintra J

Well we are starting off 2018 with a really exciting One Coast magazine, if you’ve got this far you will not be disappointed. Our “About Her” interview catches up with another beautiful personality from Bangkok, Wimintra J, founder and Editor in Chief of, a B2B online publication focused on the hotel industry. Continue reading

Bastien Trelcat

This issue of One Coast Magazine welcomes for the About Him section Bastien Trelcat,
Managing Partner of Harvey Law Group and the expert in 2nd citizenship and permanent residency.

Tell us about yourself
I was born and raised in France. I completed my law school with a Master of Laws attended at the City University of Hong Kong, at a time where China has just adhered to the WTO. I didn’t know this travel would forever change my life. Continue reading

Laksameekan Pearly Ingkakul

This One Coast issue we have an invigorating and very refreshing interview with Pearly Ingkakul for our About Her, Pearly is not only young, beautiful and successful but is Vice President of the Miracle Group in Bangkok which holds a large portfolio of airport hotels and lounges but also is Asia Director of One Young World. Enthusiastic and dynamic not only about her work and life Pearly takes a keen interest in global sustainability, One Coast Magazine met up with Pearly just after her regular pilates fitness session to find out more. Continue reading