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Sports Engineering And Recreation Asia, Phuket and Samui Offices

Beginning in 1991 from its Bangkok base, Seara now has nine offices in seven countries in Indo-China and South Asia in order to be close to customers and provide unrivaled customer service. Technical support, design, repairs, and warranty service is also available for acrylic, grass, and clay tennis, futsal, indoor and outdoor multi-purpose courts, putting greens, landscape grass, squash courts, playgrounds, jogging trails, and home and commercial fitness and specialty surfacing. Continue reading

Private villas from Design Hotels™

It comes as no surprise that a collection of hotels crafted over nearly 25 years is chock full of dream destinations, design standouts, and original experiences. But it’s precisely this quest for unique offerings that has led Design Hotels™ to the forefront of a trend in hospitality-one that now sees travelers seeking out private residences and villas for their stays. Continue reading

Indulging in India

In my ignorance I’d never really considered India as a ‘luxury tourist’ destination. Colourful – yes, intense – certainly, energetic – without doubt…but luxurious? However, this pre-conceived notion could not be further from the truth; during my brief trip, India waved numerous 5 star, residences under my nose, alongside a selection of some of the best food I’ve ever tasted. Continue reading

Minimalist Meets Eclectic

Situated close to the beach in the relatively quiet province of Rayong, in South East Thailand, sits a property reflecting an amalgamation of design, furniture and purpose. Elsie Evans Art Retreat is the brainchild of a Scottish expat whose paintings, drawings and illustrations have delighted and enthralled Bangkok art lovers for more than 20 years. Continue reading

Ramon Maiden a Recognized Dandy Delinquent, Artist & Wanderlust King

Taking part in one of the most gruelling ultra-marathons in the world, The Coastal Challenge” in Costa Rica was in itself a life changing experience. If you really want to wake your inner demons and find out what your made of this is something you should try. Being such a relatively small and exclusive race with only 100 or so participants you really get to meet everyone taking part. Continue reading