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Minimalist Meets Eclectic

Situated close to the beach in the relatively quiet province of Rayong, in South East Thailand, sits a property reflecting an amalgamation of design, furniture and purpose. Elsie Evans Art Retreat is the brainchild of a Scottish expat whose paintings, drawings and illustrations have delighted and enthralled Bangkok art lovers for more than 20 years. Continue reading

Ramon Maiden a Recognized Dandy Delinquent, Artist & Wanderlust King

Taking part in one of the most gruelling ultra-marathons in the world, The Coastal Challenge” in Costa Rica was in itself a life changing experience. If you really want to wake your inner demons and find out what your made of this is something you should try. Being such a relatively small and exclusive race with only 100 or so participants you really get to meet everyone taking part. Continue reading

Zoe Gallery

Born in 1978, Zoe Young is a rising talent within the Sydney art scene. Zoe graduated from the National Art School
of sydney. She is currently based in Bowral in the Southern Highlands, New south wales with her husband and two
young children. Zoe’s paintings are marked by her eclectic use of colour and sharp eye for unique landscape and
still-life compositions. Continue reading

The Turquoise Allure

Turquoise is often considered to be an exotic colour and one
many of us are drawn to. Interestingly when planning interior
design and home décor the palette of turquoise mixes well with
so many colours. Be it cool white from one end of the spectrum,
to the warmth of chocolate brown at the other, turquoise really
can be one of the easiest colours to play with. Continue reading

Samujana Incorporating Nature

When the conceptions of ultimate luxury and astonishing design met
with environmental awareness and sustainability, Samujana was born.
GFAB Architects blended their vision and inspirations, personalizing their
commitment to nature and art in an extremely beautiful tropical setting.
From the amazing, breathtaking views to natural stone walls, cantilevered
white overhangs, pale limestone and sand-washed flooring merging with
striking water features and natural vegetation and plants throughout and
on top of the villas to enhance the natural offerings of the picturesque
site, every detail at Samujana was lovingly crafted to bring guests the most
exclusive and unique experience possible. Continue reading