Escape The Island

An escape room game is a real-life team-based puzzle game, where you are locked in a room and have to solve puzzles together to get out. These are excellent team activities and can be really fun, especially if you like playing puzzle video games. Now “Escape The Island” from Aqua Tours have improved on this real-life game theme by opening up the game to the beautiful Samui outdoors.

Escape the island- Samui’s first and best outdoor quest game!
Escape The Island is a real-life quest game, similar to an escape room game, but this takes place in the jungle, on a small secret island south of Koh Samui. The game consists of riddles, solution games and collecting clues to solve the game and ESCAPE THE ISLAND… Offering an unforgettable game experience sometimes thrilling, tense and challenging. Have you got what it takes?

Work with your friends, co-workers, or family to have fun while trying to escape the island.

The fun and challenging escape the island games will have you problem solving like never before!

Use your senses, instincts, and wits to escape the island.

Give yourselves something to celebrate, with your victory (or near victory) with your friends, family or teammates!

– Pick-up from the hotel 8:30-9:00 (depending on your hotel location)
– Drive in an air-conditioned mini-van to our beach club in the south of Samui
– A long-tail boat ride to Koh Tan (about 15mins)
-The exciting escape begins
-Back to our beach club in Koh Samui
– Drop-off back to your hotel (around 14:30-15:00)

What should I bring?
-Hat, Sun screen, Mosquito repellant, Swim suit (some of the tasks are in the water), Sandals or walking shoes (closed shoes, not flip-flops) Shoes might get wet!
Renting shoes possible at 50B a pair.

The Escape The Island game is for a group of up to 8 people, smaller groups might be joined together. Big groups are welcome to come and enjoy and play together. Private game tours are available on request.

Price: 1900THB for Adult,
1500THB for a child.
+66(0)90 165 0411